Katherine Drew
Child of Deimos
Broken Convent Member
This Character Belongs to Cheri


Those who fear the dark, have no idea what light can do.


When Kat was little she was the sweetest girl around. When she grew older seemed to get a bit distant, for no reason at all. the only one she wasn't so distant from was her brother Kevin. Kat always talked to Kevin about anything, But ever since he left her she has wanted to kill him. She also tends to wander around places alot, and gets in trouble for it, all though she doesn't care if she does get in trouble. Her and Kevin have British accents. Kat is also Bi.


Twin To Kevin
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born June 1, 1992
Species Fear Nymph
Family Deimos(Father) Samantha Drew(Mother) Kevin Drew(Brother)
Status Alive/Immortal
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Height 5' 6"
Affiliation Camp Half-Blood
Weapons A bracelet that turns into a sword
Home Camp Half-Blood


As an Fear Nymph, I:

  • Am immune to fear and terror
  • Can calm the fear of others
  • Am able to project a person’s worst fears into their mind, causing temporary trauma and confusion into them. This power is only active for a short time.
  • Am able to unleash a powerful wave of terror across a small group of enemies, causing them to hesitate with fear.
  • Know everyone's fears


Name Relation Feelings
Deimos Father I don't really know what to think about him...
Samantha Drew Mother Dumb b*tch...
Kevin Drew Twin He WAS an awesome brother...